Enhancing the customer journey with AI, HoduSoft Podcast

“Technology is there to assist a human, not to replace a human,” says Kartik Khambahati, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer at HoduSoft. Rejecting the theory that AI is a technology destined to replace people, Kartik argues that AI can create curated customer journeys, where the contact center agent is empowered to know critical details about a customer, to the level of being able to offer tailored care and customized services. “AI is there to help us.”

In this podcast we learn that HoduSoft is using AI to help contact centers line up information, people, and resources, in a powerful way, so that customers can have issues resolved quickly, feel that they are understood and notice that their vendor understands their needs and challenges. We learn that this higher level of customer care can also mitigate issues that typically occur. A customer might be more understanding of late service call, for example, if they already feel cared for, understood and confidant that the vendor is aware of the issue. Contact centers that operate in larger organizations, with distributed divisions, can offer a more unified response, as the AI technology can coordinate a coherent replay and solution.

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