Enreach’s Nijhuis on Getting Ready for Anything, Podcast

Enreach well matched for the times

“I think everyone is prepared for anything,” says Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Enreach. As we near the end of the first quarter of 2023, Nijhuis offers a pensive but optimistic outlook for people in the UC community as people work to manage their company’s and IT teams through a period of change, disruption, challenge but also opportunity. With a focus on Europe, Nijhuis reflects on the rapid shift in Europe’s largest economy from a pre-pandemic dominance of on-prem approaches to an apparent switch to cloud. “We are seeing the beginning of the end of the on-prem market, in Germany”. Meanwhile, “mobile first”, the mobile app, and the softphone have moved from being a nice add on to a central function and use. Along with mobility and cloud, we see the adoption of people seeking a more streamlined set of vendors, more bundled services and, of course, the widening acceptance of hybrid work.

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In this podcast, we learn how Enreach is well positioned to match the times. Nijhuis drills down into the details of helping take the old call center, contact center model into a robust and secure contact center that enabled agents to work from anywhere, to allow firms of many sizes to take advantage of automation technologies, and making the most of migration to Microsoft Teams and mobility. Looking out over the horizon, we learn about a democratization of technology, and get a glimpse at an economy where small firms can harness enterprise grade solutions, automations, and choices. “We really adapt a level of change at Enreach, not just at the level of our product, but at the level of our organization,” says Nijhuis, reflecting on adopting tools that transform internal governance, decision making and company culture.

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