Fraudsters target personal phone numbers as iconectiv helps enterprises and others protect their brands, Podcast

“We are an authoritative source of numbering intelligence, which helps enterprises and others protect their brands, as well as governments protect residents and businesses,” says Michael O 'Brien, who is the Executive Vice President, Parker Business Development at iconectiv. “We have experience in creating, operating, and securing communications infrastructure by managing network and operations interconnect, numbering solutions, fraud prevention solutions, and again, more recent digital identity platforms.”

Recorded last week at MSP EXPO, Michael probes into the challenges and opportunities of keeping things secure as your personal phone number becomes ground zero as the arget of fraudsters. “Fraudsters will exploit anything that they can. They'll go after wherever the money.

iconectiv’s TruOps Common Language platform ensures the flow of consistent and accurate information throughout an organization’s infrastructure by providing a common name for locations, equipment, connections, services, and virtual functions, while also providing a pinpoint view of network sites across business operations, and a way to optimize processes through automating operations. This is especially important as CSPs look to maximize their current investments in network infrastructure as well as to support new technology, such as 5G, and to ensure they are efficiently supporting the enhanced coverage, security and additional capabilities needed to drive new revenue-generating services.

About iconectiv

iconectiv provides services to secure digital identity, numerous data exchanges, registries, and other information as a service. These address numbering intelligence, Know Your Business (KYB), and fraud prevention, as well as network and operations management for the global communications industry. It provides numbering services in more than a dozen countries, including serving as the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for the United States. As a trusted partner of the communications ecosystem, iconectiv is dedicated to keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing. This includes making sure incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages are verified and identified, and that communications service providers can trust the information in their systems and networks.


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