Meeting the need of small businesses managing in a Teams dominated environment fast evolving market, Akixi Podcast

“It’s very much a patchwork quilt out there,” says Akixi’s Mike Wilkinson. Offering a glimpse at his recent talks given at the Netaxis Solutions Inspiration Day 2023, Wilkinson notes that the Teams ecosystem is still forming, especially the rapid way in which Teams became so widely adopted. Presenting on the collaboration market, Wilkinson was struck by the dominance of Teams in the collaboration market and how so many companies have positioned themselves or repositioned themselves as firms offering still-needed services that you might need even as you use for collaboration. It’s thought that 300,000,000 of over 400,000,000 “PBX seats” might now involve Teams. The paradox is that even as teams becomes ubiquitous, none of the many firms now in the orbit of the Teams world, are dominant.

“We kind of know the sorts of things that, small businesses, in particular, need to know about their telephony infrastructure. And that does not really change that much whether the infrastructure is sitting on BroadWorks, or sitting on Teams or is sitting on Webex calling.” Akixi can overlay the analytics, even in the fragmented market.

We learn about upcoming Akixi offerings on Webex Calling that will present a nicely sized and cost effective solution for Cisco customers running a small inside sales desk or a small customer service center.

Akixi is a fast-growing and profitable private equity (PE) owned company, operating in the UK, Europe, and US, and headquartered near London. Akixi work with leading service providers to offer cloud-based, real-time call reporting and business insights software to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). With over 7,000 customers and more than 300,000 users benefiting from Akixi’s multiple award-winning solution, Akixi is a Cisco Select Developer Partner and proudly part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem. Akixi is an active member of the Cloud Communications Alliance.


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