Quality of Meeting Makes a Difference, Jabra Podcast

New generation, new needs are part of the picture as Jabra looks at 2024

“It really makes a difference,” says Anders Hvelplund, SVP of Enterprise Headsets at Jabra. Anders relates a common experience. The night out with friends and family at a noisy restaurant. You can come home feeling tired and drawn. In a special study that Jabra conducted with the London School of Economics, findings showed that meeting quality, the ability to clearly hear and see other participants, had a highly measurable impact on things such as employee fatigue. “We are passionate about audio. We are passionate about video,” says Anders, noting Jabra’s 150 years of audio experience. In this podcast we learn that as we look to 2024, the watchword in our market might be quality. A new generation of workers are coming in with new expectations and sub-par falls below that mark.

“We live in interesting times,” relates Anders as we enter the middle of a turbulent decade, that has witnessed pandemic and disruption. Anders discusses that as a new generation pours into the workforce, worker well-being is ever more a focus. In this new environment, details matter. People expect products to be robust, to work on demand in any environment, in any situation, with every level of noise and distraction going on nearby. Products will need to be extremely portable, light, durable, plug and play, and more, to meet the expectations of a changed labor pool.  “Everything needs to be flexible,” Anders comments.

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