Tommy Sheahan looks at The Campaign Registry (TCR) and the interface of carriers and regulations, Red Oxygen Podcast

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on Texting and Regulation and What You Need To Know Now

“The intent of the campaign registry is good,” says Tommy Sheahan, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Oxygen. “I'm not saying it's bad. We need to stop spam. We need to be held accountable for the person sending the message and the platform delivering the message. So, I'm all for that, but we need some consistency, and we need to make sure that the person doing this regulation is in our best interest. And I think the FCC is our best opportunity to do that.”

In this second part of a three-part series on understanding texting and regulation, and what everyone needs to know now. In this podcast, we take a closer look at The Campaign Registry (TCR). Sheahan discusses the issue of foreign ownership of the TCR and discusses the potential role of the FCC. “We want a foreign entity controlling the data flow of our most ubiquitous communications channel. I have a feeling the answer is no.” Sheahan also points out a concurrent issue, consistency. “There's no consistency among the carriers. The carriers also have different threshold limits per day per text and what they allow, what they don't allow. We need some better consistency.”

Red Oxygen offers a path to compliance and solutions for their clients. However, Sheahan argues for more systemic reform. He makes the case for accountability and for the communications community to educated their respective elected officials, as well as a call for the FCC to step up oversite, as organization that can represent the national interest.


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