TelcoBridges Announces Media Gateway Certification of Interoperability with Metaswitch CFS, Podcast

TelcoBridges Announces Media Gateway Certification of Interoperability with Metaswitch CFS

Last month, TelcoBridges, a leading designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade VoIP gateways, today announced successful completion of certification testing by Metaswitch, a Microsoft company. This accreditation certifies that versions of TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways are now fully interoperable with the widely deployed MetaSphere Call Feature Server (CFS).  As a result of the successful certification, TelcoBridges now offers “Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks” as a software option/upgrade for existing and new Tmedia products. This includes integration with Metaswitch’s MetaView Service Assurance Server, for rapid call tracing and fault diagnosis. The new options are now available from the TelcoBridges web site at

In this podcast, Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges walks us through the announcement and why it’s a gain for the smaller, distributed service providers to meet their goals of expand or modernize their networks, in a cost-effective method. Percy discusses the announcement in the context of a wider TelcoBridges Tmedia™ family of VoIP media gateways are a highly reliable solution for telephony service providers, interconnecting legacy TDM and modern VoIP networks.

“We’ve been able to deliver really outstanding reliability to the customers and we have the customer feedback to prove it.”


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