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Poly Ships 30 Millionth IP Phone, Podcast

April 28, 2021

“We really took a look at, what is the need of the phone, and how has that evolved and changed,” says Andre Reid, Senior Director, Product Management at Poly. As Poly marks a milestone of shipping it’s thirty-millionth IP phone, Reid discusses how the IP phone remains a critical business and organizational communication tool. In the US, the department of labor estimates that there are 62 million workers whose office type work would make them part of the IP-phone market. Even as Poly sells products globally, to have shipped enough phones to theoretically furnish half of all the IP phone needs in the world’s largest economy, demonstrates the scale of the achievement.

Reid also discusses how critical the channel has been on the road to achieving that level of success. We also discuss how Poly has taken a customer centric approach in developing products through its careful research of how people work, and then crafting solutions that are tailored for specific groups of workers and occupations. In this podcast we learn about the on-going importance of this group of products within the Poly line.



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