CCA Releases 3rd Annual Cloud Communications Industry Research Report

We’ve released our third annual State of the Cloud Communications Market report, for which we partnered with Cavell to survey the industry’s top leaders to gain insights into the future of cloud comms. In this blog, we’re sharing a peek into the report’s key findings on how providers have adapted to industry changes.

The cloud communications market has undergone rapid growth and transformation in recent years, and it's clear that this trend is set to continue into 2023 and beyond. With changing customer demands, emerging technologies, and the increasing need for flexible tools to support hybrid working models, service providers will have to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. 

Integrations Are No Longer Optional

Integrations are top of mind for many cloud industry leaders, especially as more consumers push for holistic communication and collaboration platforms. CCaaS and CPaaS providers are a growing threat to service providers, who are rising to the challenge by integrating contact center capabilities into their UCaaS platforms.

Microsoft integrations are also imperative, considering 80% of providers already include or plan to include Microsoft Teams in their offerings. Of those providers, around 50% offered Teams integration directly through their UCaaS platforms – with the other 50% opting to offer direct routing through SIP access instead. But where service providers focused on directly integrating Teams into their UCaaS platforms in the past, we expect more to start using Operator Connect or Operator Connect Mobile in 2023 and beyond. 

Hybrid Work Will Continue to Shape the Marketplace

Hybrid work isn’t going away, and demand for service providers to offer flexible communications platforms has grown. But because cyber attacks and data breaches are increasing, providers are focused on equipping their platforms with more robust security features. 

Expect device sales to shift, as well. As more employees opt to work away from the office, the need for in-office equipment such as phone handsets has decreased. Cloud-based video and collaboration solutions remain a critical asset for organizations adopting a hybrid work model and will likely be essential for all businesses moving forward.

Doubt Over STIR/SHAKEN’s Effectiveness Will Grow

As service providers continue to implement STIR/SHAKEN this year, expect to hear more voicing their concerns over its impact. Robocalling and spoofing rose 45% in 2022, so it’s no surprise that more than half of the industry leaders we surveyed believe STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t provide value.

What might be more concerning, though, is that many of those already following STIR/SHAKEN protocols claim their customers are experiencing calls labeled “potential spam.” Plan to hear about more challenges coming to light as STIR/SHAKEN takes off.

The Race to Scale Isn’t Slowing Down

While the threat of cloud hyperscalers is expected to diminish over the next few years, household names with global reach like RingCentral, Zoom, and Microsoft remain a concern for service providers. Expect to see more providers set sights on expanding their geographical footprint, capturing new verticals, and participating in mergers and acquisitions as top strategic initiatives.

We’re also seeing more providers add value to their offerings by verticalizing their platforms to appeal to specific audiences. Integrations come into play here as well, as they simplify the process of personalizing cloud platforms to meet highly-specialized needs based on targeted verticals.

Explore the Latest Cloud Industry Research From the CCA

As the cloud communications market evolves, staying informed about the latest trends and developments is critical. In our research report, we compare key findings from industry leaders in 2022 and 2021 for a comprehensive look into how service providers have adapted since the pandemic – and what you can expect in the years to come.

Download your copy of this exclusive, first-of-its-kind industry research today.

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