Cloud Communications Alliance Releases 3rd Annual Industry Research Report

CCA surveyed the industry’s top leaders to analyze and predict cloud communications trends

[March 1, 2023, Delray Beach, FL] The Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA), the world’s leading consortium of cloud communications service providers, announced today that it has released its third annual industry research report. The CCA partnered with Cavell Group, a technology-focused research and analytics firm, to produce the report.

Download a free copy of the report here: The State of Cloud Communications: A Comparison

The report was compiled from surveying the world’s leading cloud communications providers, and compares data gathered in both 2021 and 2022. The result is a comprehensive insight into what lies ahead for cloud providers.

‘’This year, service providers finally found some solid footing after the upheaval caused by the pandemic,’ said Clark Peterson, chairman of the CCA board of directors. ‘But that’s not to say the industry isn’t without challenges.’ 

‘As providers attempt to stay relevant in the hyper-competitive marketplace, many feel increased pressure to differentiate their platforms,’ continued Peterson.

This year’s report explores:

  • Changes in the cloud communications sales process
  • How product portfolios are evolving
  • A need to focus on integrations
  • Effects of Microsoft Teams on providers
  • Top strategic initiatives 
  • Top competitors and threats
  • Effects of hybrid work and STIR/SHAKEN

‘This is the only survey in the world focused on cloud communications providers,’ said Joe Marion, president of the CCA. ‘As such, its data and insights are invaluable to any leader in the cloud communications space.’

Download the report here:  The State of Cloud Communications: A Comparison

About the CCA

The Cloud Communications Alliance is a peer association dedicated to the growth of the industry. The CCA provides the forum industry leaders need to discuss key topics and advance their mutual or individual goals. Beyond providing support during the coronavirus pandemic, the forum’s goal is to move the industry forward by supporting and educating businesses on the best ways to build, sell, and scale their enterprise communications systems.

Cloud Communications Alliance

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