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Ribbon Secures against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks, Identifies Trends, Suggests Defensive Tactics and More, Podcast

January 11, 2022

Every day we are hearing of different DDoS attacks on Telcos, Enterprise, Health care and others which are sometimes for ransom. Forty percent of DDoS were against Telcos in the 3rd quarter in 2021.  If you find yourself in this situation, you can turn to Ribbon for help.

Dan Teichman, Director of Solutions Marketing for Ribbon Communications speaks with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication about the increase in the attacks. What are the DDoS trends?

  • Smaller packet size – driving higher packet rates overwhelming systems
  • Adaptive – based on response – they will morph – and morph again
  • Multi layered – attacks on IP and Application layer at once, as an example
  • Coordinated – multiple attacks on multiple targets at the same time

All is not lost, there are many things that you can do to improve your defenses against the DDoS attacks without spending a fortune. Listen in as Dan will provide a list that can help you fight against the next wave of attacks.

About:  Ribbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure sectors globally. They engage deeply with their customers, helping them modernize their networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today’s smart, always-on and data-hungry world. Their innovative, end-to-end solutions portfolio delivers unparalleled scale, performance, and agility, including core to edge software-centric solutions, cloud-native offers, leading-edge security and analytics tools, along with IP and optical networking solutions for 5G.

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