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SK Telecom Deploys Juniper Networks Virtualization Security for Cloud Computing

June 19, 2012
SK Telecom Deploys Juniper Networks Virtualization Security for Cloud Computing

South Korea’s Leading Mobile Service Provider Is Premier vGW Virtual Gateway Customer in Korea
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA–(Marketwire – Jun 19, 2012) – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced that SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) (KSE: 017670) has become the first customer in Korea to deploy Juniper’s virtualization security solution for private and public clouds. By leveraging Juniper Networks’® vGW Virtual Gateway with Juniper Networks’ SRX Series Services Gateways, SK Telecom has been able to deliver broad cloud security across its physical and virtual network environments, enabling a comprehensive, automated approach to cloud-based data center protection that supports dynamic service delivery.
SK Telecom is South Korea’s dominant mobile service provider with more than 26 million customers, representing over 50 percent market share. In November 2010, SK Telecom launched T cloud biz, a corporate cloud computing service geared toward small to medium-sized businesses. Since it launched the country’s first 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in July 2011, the company also introduced T Cloud, a B2C cloud service portfolio optimized for the 4G LTE network, including mass data storage/transmission, multi-screen synchronization and cloud-based social networking at speeds matching that of the fixed-line broadband in September 2011.
News Highlights

  • SK Telecom completed its nationwide 4G LTE network build-out in April 2012, accelerating customer uptake to an expected six million LTE subscribers by the end of this year.
  • Demand for cloud computing services is matching LTE growth, requiring SK Telecom to scale its data center rapidly.
  • Running directly on the VMware ESX hypervisor, Juniper Networks’ high-performance vGW Virtual Gateway provides visibility into virtual machine (VM) traffic and can provide proper isolation of customer VMs in multi-tenant environments.
  • The vGW Virtual Gateway integrates with Juniper Networks’ SRX3600 Services Gateways to provide consistent application of security across the virtualized and physical networks of T cloud biz data center.
  • The SRX Series delivers zone-based segregation at the data center perimeter while vGW, through automated security features such as Smart Groups and VM Introspection, integrates knowledge of SRX zones to ensure zone integrity is also enforced on the ESX hypervisor.
  • Integrated and automated security enables more dynamic, flexible and scalable T cloud biz data center operations.

Supporting Quotes
SK Telecom
“The combination of our 4G LTE network, the latest smartphones and highly-automated cloud data center operations opens up a universe of new and dynamic service opportunities. vGW, Juniper Networks’ virtualization security solution, is a key element in enabling our service vision since it automatically maintains consistent security down to the virtual machine level and adapts in response to the variation in workload demands placed on our cloud data center.”
-SungShik Won, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Consulting Office, SK Telecom
Juniper Networks
“SK Telecom has been the pioneer for many mobile network innovations, and this dynamic virtualized data center deployment is further testament to this. Juniper Networks’ vGW Virtual Gateway is a comprehensive virtualization security solution that protects the heart of SK Telecom’s cloud data center operations with its high-performance hypervisor-based stateful firewall, integrated intrusion detection and virtualization-specific antivirus.”
-Tim Kang, managing director of Korea, Juniper Networks

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