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Unify communications and boost customer engagement with CPaaS, Podcast

December 22, 2022

Enterprises are “working in isolation and creating communication silos” shares Divya Ghai Wakankar, VP of enterprise business and marketing at BICS. Wakankar tells us that enterprises are working to address the challenges of a distributed workforce, mobility and more, especially customer related communications.

Over the last decade, businesses have fundamentally changed the way they engage and connect with their customers, and yet, enterprises worldwide are still struggling to connect the dots between their different communication channels.

What is the next frontier in business communication? In today’s podcast, Wakankar explains how to achieve ‘communication everywhere’ for businesses to improve customer support, maximize marketing campaign, and drive greater operational efficiencies.

Wakankar emphasizes the need for communications to be a fluid experience for the customer and tells us how CPaaS holds the promise of delivering just that. “CPaaS is basically centralizing all your communication experience throughout the customer journey, making sure it takes care of all touch points and allowing the customer to use their preferred mode of communications.”


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