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Helps businesses solve information overload, workflow inefficiency, and poor mobile productivity.

Gaithersburg, MD and Tokyo, Japan, July 22, 2016 – BroadSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSFT), a global unified communication as a service (UCaaS) leader, announced the availability of Project Tempo UC-One® Hub beta trials for its Japanese customers. UC-One Hub complements BroadSoft UC-One PBX, mobility and collaboration tools with new contextual intelligence and cloud/social application integration. BroadSoft is a strategic supplier of software and services to hundreds of service providers around the world, including 25 of the top 30 by revenue.

Many businesses are struggling to manage the non-stop flow of information, communications and notifications employees receive – scattered across a variety of locations, devices and applications. Existing communication tools are often limited in scope, context and mobility, which can lead to ineffective collaboration. As a result, business processes and workflow often become fragmented – causing productivity to fall as users are constantly interrupted by notifications and switch among multiple applications and tasks.

Project Tempo is a BroadSoft initiative to power the future of work, focusing on the need for more effective individual productivity, team collaboration and customer engagement by integrating cloud applications, contextual intelligence, and other capabilities with the broad range of real-time communication and collaboration services provided by BroadSoft’s first Project Tempo app, UC-One Hub. UC-One Hub will allow teams and individuals to reach new levels of productivity and mobility through a unified user experience that can be adapted to their situation from any network, device, or location, and integrating contextual user information and common business apps.

UC-One Hub will provide users with a single dashboard that combines all of their UC-One communication services and cloud apps with contextual information. For example, if an employee initiates a call to a co-worker, UC-One Hub’s contextual pane will immediately show the caller all recent files, email, social media engagements, tasks, IM sessions and other data between the two colleagues, without opening or searching through additional applications.

BroadSoft Japan KK customers will be able to participate in Project Tempo UC-One Hub trials commencing in the third quarter of 2016.

Jim Weisser, General Manager, BroadCloud Japan, said: “Combining all the benefits of Unified Communications with UC-One Hub’s contextual intelligence ties all of a user’s information together – regardless of application, and makes them more effective in managing their work. It improves productivity and helps teams collaborate, share, and access disparate files quickly – without constantly moving between applications and endlessly searching for relevant information.”

Starting in the third quarter of 2016, BroadSoft Japan will offer Project Tempo UC-One Hub to customers for beta testing. Customers may try the UC-One Hub program at no cost. Beta testers will need to have access to Google Chrome, a cloud-based e-mail account, and various other third-party applications, which could include Google Apps, Office 365, Twitter, and Redbooth. BroadSoft Japan expects to integrate, Dropbox and other applications later this year.

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