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DoubleHorn’s Liftr News Makes Cloud Index Interactive

Austin, TX- January, 4 2018 – Liftr News, a division of DoubleHorn, LLC, has added interactive metrics to its proprietary Liftr Index, the first new feature in a series of planned roll-outs for the cloud index in 2018. The Liftr Index is a Frost & Sullivan certified index that compares cloud providers in a single, streamlined metric for each provider, as well as a metric that shows the health of cloud providers as a whole.

The Liftr Index metrics include data for the top three U.S. cloud providers, AWSGoogle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and are created by Liftr’s proprietary analysis. The metrics went live Friday, December 22, 2017 and will be complemented by new features as additional analytics are added to the Index in coming months.

“We’ve been collecting our calculated cloud index data for several months since the launch of Liftr News,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn and Liftr News. “Financial decision makers need information to make choices and we will continue to expand the Liftr Index suite this year with integrated and custom analytics to accommodate those needs.”

The metrics feature allows users to view Liftr Index data by provider in selected time frames. Users can compare movements in the Liftr Index all the way back to the launch of Liftr News on September 15, 2017. Users can toggle between single provider data or compare the three providers, along with the Liftr composite score. It allows users to see the effect of events such as new data center openings or increased security compliances. The data reveals trends for each provider such as how Google is slowly working to catch up with AWS and Azure.

“Our goal with creating these interactive cloud analytics is to help people make better decisions when it comes to buying cloud,” Schadt said. “For over a decade, we have been collecting data and knowledge about how businesses use technology and now cloud. We’re excited to put these tools in the hands of our users and see how it affects the industry.”

Liftr News was founded with a commitment to providing an unbiased, platform-agnostic perspective on the cloud. Liftr News delivers news, data, analysis, and video to the world through the lens of the cloud via Analysis and reporting is backed up by big data from the Liftr Index, a proprietary industry index.

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