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LogiSense EngageIP Usage Rating and Billing Platform Selected by Numerex

Improve performance; simplify operations and support new connected business models

Cambridge, ON, Canada (January 26, 2016) – LogiSense Corporation, a leading global provider of usage rating, mediation and billing solutions to Machine-to-Machine and the Internet of Things (M2M/IoT), telecommunications, unified communications and enterprise service providers, is proud to announce that Numerex Corp (NASDAQ:NMRX) has selected LogiSense’s EngageIP Usage Rating and Billing Platform to help improve performance, simplify operations and support new connected business models.

Numerex technology encompasses a broad spectrum of the IoT ecosystem and delivers managed solutions for enterprise users which derive added value through device, network, application and platform enablement. Numerex’s industry leading solutions combine over 20 years of expertise and experience through a modular, end-to-end platform infrastructure, and are already market proven with pre-packaged, hosted IoT vertical solutions that are being rapidly deployed by thousands of enterprises.

Numerex leverages the EngageIP Usage Rating and Billing service via the LogiSense hosted cloud. Numerex uses EngageIP to manage its IoT and M2M solutions. These solutions combine application services, connectivity and device management platform services, communications services, and even devices provided as part of an overall managed service. Using the cloud-based LogiSense environment, Numerex internal resources are freed up from system management responsibilities, allowing them to focus on the business critical tasks of building and delivering managed services solutions to their 2 million+ IoT/ M2M subscriptions.

At Numerex, we leverage the LogiSense system for some key billing and BSS functions in our managed solution service offerings. This enables our business to become more agile and increases our speed to market to roll out innovative offerings and adapt to the explosive growth in the IoT/M2M ecosystem. The end-to-end converged billing capabilities of the LogiSense EngageIP platform give us operational efficiencies that accelerate the business results we desire.

Sri Ramachandran, Chief Technology Officer, Numerex

LogiSense is extremely pleased to support Numerex as they grow in the M2M/IoT marketplace. The ability to scale and monetize in the rapidly growing M2M and IoT market segments depends on a Service Provider being prepared with the right back-office support systems. The EngageIP usage rating and billing platform was designed for this type of high growth emerging technology marketplace.

Flavio Gomes, CEO, LogiSense

LogiSense’s EngageIP Usage Rating and Billing is an award-winning platform that boasts field-proven scale, features, functionality, and performance to address every aspect of network requirements – from usage rating, mediation and billing to customer self-care. A real-time solution that supports complex M2M value chains, EngageIP is able to handle a large variety of M2M services and huge volumes of devices at a low total cost of ownership. It transforms clients’ business practices by empowering rapid turn-up of new services, enabling innovation and new revenue streams thus ensuring longevity and relevance in a rapidly evolving market.

Learn how Numerex benefited from the agility of the LogiSense system in the complete case study, Creating an Agile Environment to Drive Growth in the IoT, now available for download on the LogiSense website.

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