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Masergy, a Cloud Networking, Managed Security and Cloud Communications company that has been leading the way for years

Dean Manzoori VP of Product Management, discusses some of their new technology with Don Witt of the Channel Daily News, a TR publication. There is a battle of APIs in the industry. Masergy has a version of what they see as being the solution which actually sounds very intuitive and logical. Non-programming staff and operations people can make their own interfaces to enhance the operation of the company’s business.

It is all about the experience and WebRTC has wet the whistle of new generation of users which are now demanding more user friendly communications.  There are a few leaders out there today that are ahead of the pack and Masergy is one of them at the carrier level.

Enterprise cannot afford, in time or money, to implement this technology in the traditional way with consultants and programmers. Enterprise companies will be taking advantage of the new technology, like that from Masergy, which will allow non-programmers to integrate communications events with various company applications.

Dean Manzoori

Dean Manzoori

Listen in to Dean as he walks you through a very visual description of how easy it is for someone non-technical to use:

  • Triggers
  • Queries
  • Actions

With Cloudpipes, it will be a drag and drop approach to making individually tailored communications at the enterprise and SMB office.

The API will be the most important feature of communications for enterprise moving forward. Companies like Masergy have recognized this and are leading the enterprise conversions race.

Masergy owns and operates the largest independent Software Defined Platform in the world, delivering hybrid networkingmanaged security and cloud communication solutions to enterprises around the globe. Their platform leverages advanced technologies including software defined networking, network function virtualization, advanced machine learning, and big data analytics to drive the flexibility, visibility, and control that enterprise IT teams require. By simplifying complexity through automation, they design, deploy, modify and manage those essential solutions.

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