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New international software supplier Summa delivers communication solutions that add up

Dutch/German telecom company Voiceworks launches new brand for international platform

Building upon it’s accomplishments in the Netherlands over the past ten years Voiceworks, a Dutch pioneer of mobile telecommunications, VoIP and web technology, today unveils a vibrant new brand: Summa. This new company offers the international market proven innovative communication solutions that add up to their existing solutions. Clients, such as service providers, Telco’s and hosting providers, can easily integrate or add the communication software into their portal or portfolio to offer communication and collaboration solutions to their clients.


logo-summa-black-rgbIn our current 24/7 connected economy, communication and collaboration are becoming more important than ever before. Summa delivers innovative communication software solutions that optimize getting in touch instantly and contextually within and between companies and people. The company uses open standards such as XMPP, SIP and WebRTC to easily add innovative and cutting-edge communication functionalities into existing software and SaaS platforms.



Communication that adds up

Summa stands for communication that adds up. Koen van Geffen, CEO of Voiceworks and Summa: ‘In today’s world communication is rapidly transforming from a standalone solution to a contextual add on, which is placed on existing software such as Office Productivity, CRM suites or even customer facing websites. People want to communicate contextually and in real-time whenever the need arises, without having to open another piece of software. This is why we strongly believe in; communication that adds up.

Powerful solutions

Summa offers five innovative solutions that ensure a right fit for every deployment and enable customers to work more efficient, smarter and everywhere. All solutions are fully customizable and easy to deploy. Three of the five communication solutions, Summa Connect, Summa Suite and Summa Contact, can be added on to existing web applications, platforms and/or websites of companies.

  1. Summa ConnectWith Summa Connect ISV’s, ISP, Telco’s or hosting providers can easily add real-time communications to their existing web application or portal front ends.
  2. Summa SuiteAdd a complete and advanced web based Unified Communication suite and front end to an existing voice platform or (virtual) PBX environment.
  3. Summa ContactThis solution gives customers or visitors the option to immediately get in touch, without any action required on their side. The communication takes place directly from a website through the browser, to further break down the barriers between a company and their customers. In addition, Summa also offers two carefree total communication platforms that can be deployed standalone. Van Geffen; ‘We believe companies should focus on the important aspects of their business. And let us worry about building, installing and maintaining their voice and/or UC-platform.’
  4. Summa VoiceSumma Voice offers service providers a fully customizable hosted PBX platform to quickly and profitable deploy next generation voice services. Summa Voice is an industry leading solution, with a proven track record of 11 years within The Netherlands and Germany.
  5. Summa CompleteThis is is a complete UC-as-a-service platform (UCaaS) which consists of Summa Suite combined with Summa Voice. By combining the two, the reliability of Summa Voice is strengthened by the enhanced and richer user experience and possibilities of Summa Suite.

Europe and US At first, Summa will focus on the European and the US market. Van Geffen: ‘In the last few years we have noticed a high interest in our technology from abroad. The launch of our new brand represents our international aspirations.’ He continues: ‘In the Netherlands we have achieved several milestones with Voiceworks as an innovative B2B telecom company. With Summa we want to add even more milestones all over the world. Our ambition is to grow to become one of the leading communication platforms worldwide in the next three years.’

For more information about Summa: or follow @addsumma on Twitter.

For more information about Voiceworks: or follow @voiceworksnl on Twitter.

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