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Podcast: Call recording for telcos and carriers

Call recording is not news in UC. In CPaaS, it’s a new frontier. In this podcast, Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet walks us through the importance for telcos and carriers to offer call recording to their customers.

Kahan walks us through compliance issues, legal mandates that carrier and telco customers face. Kahan discusses CallCabinet’s s custom built service and how it opens up a way for the carrier community to win business and retain business.

The company’s Atmos product represents a way to grow revenue, will very little overhead. Kahan explains that Call Cabinet solutions provide a single and consistent user experience even if he user has a blend of aging TDM sites, IP PBX and cloud, all at the same time. “The implementation takes one to two hours,” explains Kahan. The platform was “built from the ground-up for carriers” and offers them a white label product that does not add cost to the carrier.

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