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Bandwidth and Alianza Announce Partnership to Accelerate Cloud Migration for Communications Service Providers, Podcast

July 05, 2022

Bandwidth and Alianza have partnered to accelerate cloud migration for communications service providers (CSPs). Under the partnership, Bandwidth’s network platform and APIs, combined with Alianza’s full-stack CSP platform, will enable CSPs to transform their legacy infrastructure and remain competitive by offering high-growth, cloud-based voice, messaging and videoconferencing services.

Already serving more than 50 CSP customers in the U.S. and Canada, the partnership gives CSPs a tool as they work to combat the threat of over-the-top providers eroding their customer base. By offering a solution that is practical and cost-effective, and that eliminates the complexity and expense of maintaining existing legacy systems, the partnership allows CSPs to build upon their long-standing relationships with local business and residential customers and keep and grow their customer base with differentiated services.

In this podcast Alianza CEO and Founder Brian Beutler discusses the drivers behind the Bandwidth/Alianza partnership, the benefits it is providing to CSPs and end customers, and also what’s next for the companies.

Visit the Alianza website or Bandwidth webpage for more information.


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