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Beyond STIR/SHAKEN, what’s next in solving the robocall crises, Mutare Podcast

August 25, 2022

“The problem with STIR/SHAKEN is that it’s not a mature technology… just yet” says Richard Quattrocchi of Mutare. “It was originally designed with the hope of stopping robocalls, but it really doesn’t do that. On its own…” Quattrocchi adds. In this podcast we learn that STIR/SHAKEN needs to be used with other layers of protection to achieve the desired impact of decreasing the amount of unwanted automatic calling. Quattrocchi discusses the Mutare approach which serves five layers of protection. We also see a dashboard that pulls together, graphically, the volume and timing of unwanted calls. “The smaller the business, the larger the volume, proportionally, of unwanted calls,” leaving smaller businesses overwhelmed and frustrated. Mutare looks at blocking nefarious calls, which are malevolent, which can include criminal level attempts to commit fraud, along with nuisance calls, which can become disruptive.



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