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Broadcore 2012, Engineering at Work

April 17, 2012
Broadcore 2012, Engineering at Work

April 17, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Broadcore, a global provider of Hosted Unified Communications and Business VoIP Solutions, today announced that their Engineering team is on track for delivering on its commitment to create the first true global network.

For year 2012, Broadcore’s Engineering organization has committed to building a reliable and scalable network that is designed to support the unprecedented growth rate projected for the following three years.
During the first quarter, the Engineering team has paved the way for a good start as they delivered two major projects; Platform and Network Expansions.  Both expansions are both considered crucial for the 2012 plan.
Brad Anouar, Director of Systems Engineering said, “Augmenting our session control infrastructure allows Broadcore to scale its subscriber capacity needed to meet its projected expansion, while modulating its functionality creates an additional layer of security as it isolates each segment. This also provides a sound structure that allows for further growth without any architectural forklifts or network disruptions.”
Enhancing the quantity and quality of our connectivity allows Broadcore to deliver its services in different environments.  Using different technologies to prioritize voice and video across both private and public networks insures the level of service Broadcore strives for. “Broadcore is committed to continually improving and enhancing our network”, said Michael Bacich, VP of Sales and Public Sector, “We are aware of the importance of reliability when it comes to our customers and their clients.”
 For more information on Broadcore’s hosted VoIP solutions, please call 1-800-942-4700.
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