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Call Trunk Launches features for Evernote Users

September 28, 2011
Call Trunk Launches features for Evernote Users

Call Trunk launches features for Evernote users to ‘remember everything’, including voice conversations

London, Wednesday 27th September – The ‘Cloud-based Office’ has reached a new milestone as a new feature from Call Trunk, the world’s first cloud-powered anyphone-anywhere call recording service, allows Evernote users to replay voice conversations from calls made from any phone.
Today’s announcement will provide an added incentive to adopt cloud-based services such as Evernote for the increasing number of consumers and professionals who use call recording services to keep accurate records of telephone conversations to verify what is said and agreed during these calls.
Michael Dillhyon, CEO of Call Trunk comments “One of the major drivers for the adoption of cloud-based services, like Evernote, is the promise to be able to ‘remember everything’ and access this information from any device.
“Today’s announcement pushes this promise further. We firmly believe that voice, as rich content has huge potential for the digital world and thanks to the latest features from Call Trunk, users can recall voice conversations made from any phone and replay them from any device that can access Evernote”.
To use the service, users simply log into Call Trunk online at and link their Call Trunk account to their Evernote account. As of today (Wednesday) users can select to send all their conversations direct to Evernote or individually select which ones they want transferred.  Any metadata stored alongside the recording – such as the annotations are also sent to Evernote.
There is no charge to transfer the recording to Evernote, however, Evernote may charge users a premium rate if the amount of data transferred exceeds the limit for their free service.
Call Trunk only charges users for recording phone calls. This costs from 4p per minute in the UK, 12 cents per minute in the US and 4 cents per minute in Australia. Monthly subscription packages offering discounted minutes are also available.
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