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CallTower offers unique advantage to customer and their partners, Podcast

February 01, 2023

“All these platforms, in one way or another, employers need them, for their employees to actually do their work on a day-to-day basis,” says William Rubio, Chief Revenue Officer at CallTower. In this podcast, Rubio outlines what he describes as the CallTower advantage, a way in which CallTower holds a unique position in the marketplace, weaving together different incumbent systems, apps, platforms, and equipment, into a seamless experience for the employee and a much more unified communications regime for IT managements, and an organizations technology partner, to help manage. Rubio discusses at length a special graphic representation for how these brands work together and how CallTower brings many things, not necessarily originally designed to work with the multi-vendor environment, together into something that’s reliable, robust, and accessible for non-technology workers to use. Rubio discusses how CallTower delivers a true turn-key solution for just about any already existing, and in use, applications and platforms, noting that their approach can help firms who have reasons to continue to use legacy platforms, among many scenarios.



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