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Calltrunk Partners with VSR2 – the Cisco software company

November 12, 2012
Calltrunk Partners with VSR2 – the Cisco software company

November 12, 2012 – Calltrunk is delighted to announce an agreement to integrate ARGOsearch into the suite of contact center solutions provided by VSR2, the leading Cisco software company.
ARGOsearch, the conversation search engine unveiled by Calltrunk earlier this year, powers the instant searching of conversations by indexing the words spoken and the associated meta-data such as call notes and call log info.
Both companies are UK-based and provide solutions around the world.
VSR2 develops software that is used by large Cisco integrators to provide contact center solutions to governments, local authorities, blue chip companies and smaller enterprises in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
Calltrunk provides cloud-based call recording on any platform. ARGOsearch is the tool companies use to extract maximum value out of the spoken word.
Paul Murphy, the co-founder and CEO of Calltrunk said: “We’re delighted with this partnership. ARGOsearch was developed to enable businesses to instantly find knowledge from spoken conversations – information that was previously lost for good or incredibly expensive and difficult to locate.
I’m delighted that VSR2 shares this vision with us and are integrating the ARGOsearch into their product suite.”
VSR2 CEO Rodney Higgins said: “ARGOsearch is very innovative technology that is designed to meet the precise needs of its customers in the highly demanding area of voice recognition and search which is becoming ever more crucial to contact center clients. We’re looking forward to offering this option to our customer base and further improving our service provision to them.”
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