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CCA to work with the new administration

January 20, 2021

With the transfer of the Presidency of the United States now behind us, the Cloud Communications Alliance renews our commitment to working with the FCC in support of initiatives which promote fair competition and growth in our industry.

Earlier this week the FCC released 2 important items– the Broadband Mapping Order as well as the 2021 Broadband Deployment Report.

For your reference, the incoming Biden Administration’s list of Executive Orders and actions may be reviewed here.

These actions vary but a couple that stand out are:

  1. Agencies are to “pause any new regulations from moving forward and give the incoming Administration an opportunity to review any regulations that the Trump Administration tried to finalize in its last days.”  All agencies will confer with the Director of OMB before renewing any regulatory activity.  “This action will allow the Biden Administration to prevent any detrimental so-called “midnight regulations” from taking effect, while ensuring that urgent measures in the public’s interest can proceed.”
  2. The other action to note will provide some financial relief during COVID.  The President is directing various agencies involved in housing and school loan repayment to consider extending moratoria on evictions and home loan foreclosures and repayment of federal school loans.
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