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Channel Partner MSP Opportunities with Viirtue’s Viibe, and New Marketplace, Podcast

April 28, 2023

Channel partners, MSPs and other companies looking for growth and opportunity at this week’s Channel Partners will find Viirtue offering a new approach that will enable MSPs to leverage Viirtue’s Viibe in a new way. Viibe is Viirtue’s streamlined quote-to-cash software automates the quote to cash process ultimately scaling a business by eliminating hours of administrative work while providing best-in-class user experiences to a company’s clients.

In this podcast, we meet Eric Brooker, Chief Revenue and Chief Marketing Officer of Viirtue. Eric discusses his new work and leadership at Viirtue, and how the company’s momentum is a major story for the MSPs, and others looking to build revenue. Eric drills down on the Viirtue quote to cash tool, the new Viirtue marketplace, and Viirtue’s onboarding experience. We learn that, in a market now defined by hesitancy, Viirtue has just received $10.8 million, a sign that investors see Viirtue as a company that’s creating new ways for MSPs to grow.

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