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Cloud Communications Alliance Webinar on Federal, State and Local laws that effect Hosted VoIP services and products

September 05, 2012
Cloud Communications Alliance Webinar on Federal, State and Local laws that effect Hosted VoIP services and products

Dear Cloud Communications Members:
The Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) is committed to adding as much value to your membership as possible.  In the past, we have had vendor, legal and other types of presentations at our meetings.  While we plan to continue to do so, we are also going to try to offer you such value without requiring you to travel.  And we hope that we can save you the typical $600 an hour such professionals charge when they share their knowledge.
So we are excited to announce our first CCA Educational Webinar.
The Cloud Communications Alliance (“CCA”) has assembled a panel of experts to explain the “nuts & bolts” about the complex and widespread universe of federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies affecting providers of Cloud Communications / Hosted VoIP services and related products.
Our experts will explain “nexus” and the variety of factors states can use to establish nexus.  Throughout the webinar, attendees will be reminded of critical differences between “taxes” and “regulatory fees” and the need to understand that the rules applicable to each of these disciplines are unique; failure to account for the distinctions can lead to inaccurate and potentially costly results. Attendees will also learn about the consequences of non-compliance and the variety of mitigation and remediation options that are available with respect to taxes, regulatory fees and E-911 fees.
The presenters will discuss some of the challenging decisions providers operating in the complicated, uncertain and evolving environment must make and will answer questions submitted prior to or during the Webinar.
If you are attending this unique educational event and have questions you would like to submit to our panel of experts in advance, please E-mail your questions to Jonathan Marashlian at
When:              Thursday, September 20th at 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT
Where:             Right Here (Register now to receive your password)
Upon submission you will receive your password via email to enter the meeting room.
Need Help? Call Web Meet Live Support @ 503-232-0824
About the Speakers
Jonathan S. Marashlian, Managing Partner of Marashlian & Donahue, LLC, The CommLaw Group and principal of The Commpliance Group, the law firm’s affiliated regulatory compliance administration and consulting division. Mr. Marashlian is responsible for leading the firm’s telecommunications, VoIP, broadband and advanced communications services clientele through the maze of state and federal regulatory and communications tax requirements.  Mr. Marashlian has comprehensively advised several Fortune 500 companies on regulatory and tax matters associated with entering the VoIP services marketplace, thereafter managing compliance through The Commpliance Group and its partners.
Robert Dumas, Principal and Founder of TaxConnex, llc.  Mr. Dumas began his public accounting career on the tax staff at Arthur Young & Co., followed by a brief stint at Grant Thornton. In the late 1980s, Robert joined BellSouth’s tax department. In 1996, he left BellSouth to pursue a career as an independent consultant. Three years later, Robert founded Tax Partners, which became the largest sales tax compliance service bureau in the country. Robert served as president of Tax Partners and helped grow the business to $16 million in seven years. The company was sold to Thomson Corporation in March 2005, and Robert served as vice president of operations in Thomson’s transaction tax business unit until founding TaxConnex in 2006. Robert is a nationally recognized expert on telecommunications taxation and a frequent speaker on the subjects of transaction tax, business process outsourcing and sales tax compliance.
Allison D. Rule is a Senior Attorney at The CommLaw Group and co-chairs the firm’s Communications Taxes and Fees Practice.  Ms. Rule specializes in communications taxes, Universal Service Fund (USF), E-911 and regulatory fee issues. As Chair of the firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice, Ms. Rule also maintains an active administrative and civil litigation docket, including representing taxpayers in sales, use, excise and other tax audit proceedings in a variety of jurisdictions.
About The CommLaw GroupThe CommLaw Group is unique among its peers, offering clients a scope of capabilities rarely found in boutique law firms. With a headcount rivaling the Telecom Practice Groups of most major law firms, we boast a team of attorneys, paraprofessionals and consultants possessing the skills, focus and resources necessary to serve the communications law needs of Fortune 100 companies, all without sacrificing the range of services and affordability which makes us the “go to” firm for new entrants and service providers of all sizes.  In association with TaxConnex and The Commpliance Group, which specializes in fixed-fee licensing & compliance services tailored to the communications industry, The CommLaw Group offers businesses the “Full Spectrum” of legal, regulatory, tax, administrative and consultative services.
About TaxConnexTaxConnex is America’s leading independent sales and use tax outsourcing and consulting firm. Using a team of experienced tax and accounting professionals, TaxConnex provides sales tax outsourcing, sales tax consulting and sales tax emergency response services to businesses of all sizes with a focus on technology companies, small and mid-sized businesses, and VoIP providers.  TaxConnex provides a complete set of highly customer intimate services including end-to-end compliance, data analysis, remittance, reporting, notice resolution, question handling, proactive suggestions, straightforward advice, and audit support.  TaxConnex is your “on-call” Sales & Use Tax Department.
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