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Empowering Enterprises – Revealing and Alerting using Voice Intelligence, Podcast

September 15, 2022

“We’re in a really significant wave of change,” says Andy Lark, CMO of Dubber. As ever, according to Lark, the economics of change quietly move the more visible technology of change. The need for companies to grow revenue and to improve revenue, are causing them to look for, and in some cases, to allow for, technology advancements that can enable them to achieve their goals.

In this podcast, Lark stresses the accessibility of those improvements and the centralist of the SP. Cloud communications, cloud computing, AI and ML, are delivering technologies that were once available only to the world’s largest technology companies to now be available to the local veterinarian. “What if there was no gap,” speculates Lark about the way that sales teams often ignore sales tools such as CRMs. Events, ideas, and comments are literally lost, and a valuable, well-intentioned sales process is undermined. Now, according to Lark, there’s the possibility of recording and capturing events, ideas, and comments in a way that really works with the personas of the people involved. SPs looking to monetize opportunities, need to take a close look at these possibilities for their customers. Lark tells us that productivity improvements can be sold but it must be tangible. Being able to give back a customer the lost time he now dedicates to making meeting notes is an example of this sort of offering real world gains.



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