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FCC to block international Robocalls

April 28, 2022
FCC to block international Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission will vote in May on a plan by Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel meant to help stem the flow of overseas robocalls into the U.S., the agency said Wednesday.

The rules, if adopted by the commission at its May 19 meeting, would require gateway providers – which carry international calls to American networks – to participate in robocall mitigation efforts.

*   That means the providers would have to aid in blocking efforts and take responsibility for illegal robocall campaigns that use their networks, the FCC said.

*   If they fail to comply with the rules, the providers could be blocked by other network participants, which the FCC says would make them unable to operate.

“International robocallers use these gateways to enter our phone networks and defraud American consumers,” Rosenworcel said in a statement. “But no more. We won’t allow them to bypass our laws and hide from enforcement.”

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The CCA will be providing information to our European Members on robocalling mitigation efforts at the upcoming CCA meeting in Antwerp<> on May 17th.

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