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Focus on Your Expenses During National Photography Month, Podcast

June 14, 2021

Take A Photo and Save a Buck: How National Photography Month, UCaaS and Cutting Costs and Connected

In a first for the TR Podcast Show, we discuss how National Photography Month and focusing on your IT and UC expenses are connected. In this podcast Bob Norberg, CMO Cloud Age Solutions, reminds us that when we take a photo, we capture a moment in a manner that we sometimes can miss in real time. The lens can capture what our minds can miss. Similarly, how easy is it, even with the best practices and good intentions in place, companies can begin to literally not see expenses that are no longer reflecting current needed services. Step by step, from viewing things with news eyes, organize the photos (and data), educate (and learn more), to setting goals, we see that cost management is more than finding hidden costs, although identifying buried expenses is part of the story. This journey enables an IT professional or an IT team to get a new view of what they are doing and the how and why of the moving parts. Take a photo, save some money and learn even more.


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