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Four Pillars of Safe Voice Communications, Podcast

October 18, 2021

“Voice has changed a lot over the years,” says Gerry Christensen, Vice President Business Development and Strategic Alliances for YouMail. In this podcast, Christensen outlines how tectonic shifts in the delivery of voice, SMS and other communications services, over the decades and over the past decade, pushed voice from its throne as being the dominant real time communications resource, to being in play among a number of, now, often more used communications tools. At the very moment those network changes were occurring, came the rise of robocalling, a large-scale abuse of technologies that had become cheaper and more accessible. In response, the industry began initiatives such as STIR/SHAKEN.

Christensen recently outlined the importance of voice and the need to make voice safe again, in a blog featured on Linked-In:  The Essential Four Pillars of Safe Voice Communications. The Four Pillars are Procedures, Policies, Monitoring, and Enforcement. All four of these Pillars are essential for effective unwanted robocall deterrence. Our podcast today covers these pillars and argues why a proactive approach is needed to safeguard voice as a valuable asset.


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