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FullArmor myITPortal Provides Cloud-Based Software

December 05, 2011
FullArmor myITPortal Provides Cloud-Based Software

FullArmor myITPortal Provides Cloud-Based Software Distribution and Endpoint Management  , Enables Service Providers and Small-Medium Businesses to Remotely Manage Hardware and Software without Deploying any Infrastructure
BOSTON, Nov. 16, 2011 — FullArmor Corp., a leading edge cloud services platform provider, today announced myITPortal, a software delivery and asset management cloud service that enables IT service providers and small-medium businesses (SMB) to manage endpoint devices without deploying any infrastructure software or hardware.  myITPortal can be used to remotely manage hardware and software configurations and assets  including SaaS (Software as a Service) and traditional on-premise applications,  on endpoints. It provides users the flexibility to automatically push applications out to machines or make them available for download through a self-service Enterprise App Store.
According to recent report by IT research firm AMI Partners, SMBs in the United States will spend more than $49 billion on cloud services in 2015, nearly double the size of the market today. The study also found that 38% of smaller companies indicated a desire to buy SaaS as part of a broader cloud bundle, compared with 11% who said they preferred to purchase SaaS applications on an individual basis. As SMBs continue to jettison on-premise IT in favor of dial-tone computing, they also expect to purchase endpoint management as a service. FullArmor myITPortal makes it possible to provide remote end-to-end hardware and software (including SaaS) management as part of closed-loop IT as a Service offering.
Using standards-based technology, myITPortal supports traditional office, telecommuting, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments. In additional to application deployment, myITPortal gathers asset information from endpoints to provide a snapshot of application usage, current license compliance, and possible software reclamation. Service Providers and IT Administrators can also publish custom application catalogs within myITPortal that are presented to users based upon their role or location. As a cloud service, myITPortal can instantly scale to accommodate high traffic periods using Windows Azure.
Robust Cloud Endpoint Management
myITPortal enables service providers and IT administrators to remotely perform the following  endpoint management tasks:

  • Deploy applications from the cloud to IT assets anywhere in the world
  • Remove applications from those same IT assets
  • Provide end-users with a self-service Enterprise App Store for application delivery
  • Collect hardware and software inventory information for compliance purposes
  • Deliver and remove software applications even in low bandwidth environments

“Electronic software distribution and endpoint management are challenging for any size organization, especially with the increasing diversity of devices and their geographically distributed locations. It’s no surprise that small-medium businesses want to get out of the software and IT management business,” said Richard Farrell, CEO of FullArmor Corp.  “FullArmor myITPortal was created to give service providers and IT administrators the ability to manage endpoints anywhere in the world without the need to buy, deploy, and integrate hardware and software to put a systems management framework in place.”
The FullArmor myITPortal service is available to preview users immediately. It will be generally available in Q1 2012.
FullArmor Corporation is a leading edge cloud services platform provider.  Its cloud based solutions range from a SaaS marketplace to traditional IT management. More than 5 million users and 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on technology developed by FullArmor. For more information visit us on the web at, write to, or call 800.653.1783.

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