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Intelliverse Launches Cloud Communications Solutions

November 08, 2011
Intelliverse Launches Cloud Communications Solutions

Cloud-based voice applications optimize operations and deliver exceptional, cost-effective services and improved customer experience
Atlanta – November 8, 2011 – Intelliverse, a cloud-based hosted communications provider for enterprises, today introduced its portfolio of communications solutions for retail electric providers. With Intelliverse’s Solutions for Energy, retail electric providers can service more customers than ever before, increase automation through logical and relevant self-service applications and make the most effective use of limited budgets. Intelliverse’s cloud-based suite of communications solutions offers well designed, intelligent voice applications that reduce operating costs and free up resources and capital – all while responding more quickly to customers and improving the caller experience.
Intelliverse also provides a unique reporting suite which helps companies gain insight into their customer interactions. With on-demand and historical reports, retail electric providers can determine whether an outbound campaign was successful, or optimize staffing by learning when customers are calling. Intelliverse provides all the information companies need at their fingertips.
Intelliverse solutions include:
·        Customer Management Line: Give customers access to their account balance, past and upcoming payment information, and service activation dates.
·        Automatic Call Distribution: Manage call center resources and accommodate call volumes while helping customers in a timely manner. Call queues can also make use of agents in multiple call centers or even agents working from home.
·        Collections Automation: Stay on top of past due customers by instantly notifying hundreds or thousands of customers.
·        Bill and Payment Reminders: Notify customers about upcoming bills or automatic payments via a phone call, text message or email.
·        Outage Management: Deliver a comprehensive solution for inbound outage reporting and outbound restoration notification. In the event of an outage or large storm, upfront messaging can also be added to the IVR greeting to help manage large call spikes.
Once deployed, customers can easily self-manage routine requests, such as hours of operation or automated account information. When a live agent is needed, the caller is transferred to the appropriate call queue. Offloading requests for basic information and routing other calls to agents enables retail electric providers to increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Companies can also use outbound calls, texts or emails to create outbound marketing campaigns, send payment reminders, and schedule installation and activation reminders.
“If you’re one of the many retail electric providers seeking a better way to engage with your customers, Intelliverse is able to provide companies with a way to consolidate their inbound voice traffic to a single provider,” said Kevin M. Moran, President and CEO of Intelliverse. “Companies can offload routine calls to the call center and analyze all of these activities at a moment’s notice. The bottom line? We handle the calls so retail electric providers can better manage their business.”
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