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Is the industry voice in step with what customer actually want, Podcast

March 28, 2023

Is the industry voice in step with what customers actually want? That is the question posed by Iain Sinnott, Head of International Carrier Sales at Enreach for Service Providers. In this podcast, Iain reflects on observations from recent industry events — such as Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress and London’s Cloud Comms Summit — as well as conversations with service providers. Topics covered in this podcast include the current industry’s focus on ‘mobile-first’ and how, for the Nordics, that is a history lesson: ground already well-trodden. Iain also talks about the increasing divergence of what corporations and SMEs want, and how the industry needs to react. Finally, Iain explains how Enreach is working with SMEs, including its emphasis on white label options and service providers retaining the customer relationship and visibility.



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