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Jabra Evolve2 75 marks new era of devices designed to work anywhere, Podcast

October 13, 2021

Launched headset aimed at hybrid working

“That really is our flexibility hero, to allow people to work within this new hybrid workplace that we’re seeing as people go back to the office,” says Michelle Ritz, Regional Marketing Manager, Enterprise Products at Jabra. Evolve2 75 is the first of of Jabra’s Evolve range to offer fully adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The headset is packed with 8-microphone technology for high quality “crystal-clear” calls, while also upping the game on sound quality, anticipating that users will use the device for music, when not being used in calls or meetings. Above all else, Evolve2 75 is designed to be worn all day long, in a variety of environments, to run off almost any platform and to transition from home, to work, and to post-pandemic busy public spaces.

Ritz tells us that the Evolve2 75 was developed by research showing that all signs point to a hybrid future. A major theme for Jabra is the idea that the moment has come to offer professional grade products to workers so that an organization can maintain a consistent and high-quality level of presentation as an organization’s workers interact with people from outside and inside the organization, and to improve productivity and worker satisfaction. In keeping with Jabra’s tradition of end points that play with almost any platform, Evolve2 75 is designed to easily work with mobility devices users have, and with meeting platforms such as Teams and Zoom. “We have certifications on all major UC platforms,” says Ritz. “We also have a Teams variant, a Teams button that allows you one-touch entry with Teams.”

“Comfort is a huge part of it, being able to wear the headset all day long, is really important,” says Ritz. In this podcast we learn how Jabra looked at comfort from several different angles, offering a dual-foam technology and ergonomic earcups, while designing for ventilation to prevent heat irritation. Jabra has made long use more possible by also equipping the unit with a 36-hour battery.



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