Kirstel on Social Media: Don’t Be Left Behind, Podcast

December 12, 2022

In this podcast, we hear about the forthcoming Cloud Connections 2023 Conference coming up in January 2023 in Fort Lauderdale. “This is the place to be,” noting how cloud has shoved aside many competing technology platforms and that the Cloud Communications Alliance is the premier cloud communications group. Kirstel will be hosting a session on Building Your Own Social Media Community.   Visit www.cloudcommunications.com/connections23

“I’m seeing a tremendous appetite for digital content,” says Evan Kirstel. In this podcast, Kirstel, a very prominent social media influencer and observer of the telecommunications industry discusses social media in what he describes as “building a community of interest” around products, services, and brands. In an era where people are increasingly disdaining traditional sales approaches, Kirstel argues that companies should take a fresh approach to customer outreach. Kirstel offers a blend of approaches that combine the personal in person touch with the power of social media. Going to a customer and just simply learning about their business, hearing about their challenges, but refraining from selling them on such a visit, is part of the picture. But then Kirstel says, “… shine a spotlight on it.” Share the experience on social media. These are steps towards a different sales posture where one is a citing more like a trusted advisor, a technology partner than a vendor trying to push products. Such a visit might not only strengthen a relationship with a specific customer but become more visible in an entire local sector. “Do you know who’s who in your community,” challenges Kirstel, offering the insight that businesses need social media visibility, and targeted social media visibility.

Visit https://www.evankirstel.com/


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