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Life in a STIR/SHAKEN World, TelcoBridges Podcast

August 10, 2022

According to Alan Percy of TelcoBridges, we now live in a STIR/SHAKEN world. As with the devolving nature of the pandemic, we are moving from an intense and uncomfortable (and unsustainable) situation of mass illegal robocalling, to a new era where we live with a world where illegal robocalling is mitigated, limited, tamped down, but not altogether vanished. The rise of VoIP lowered the cost for overseas calls to almost zero. That in turn inspired bad actors to flood the system with calls. Percy reports that the number of blocked calls might be on the order of ten to every one call that makes it through. Hence the new normal, where robocalling is greatly reduced, but not eliminated. Percy explains the working of STIR/SHAKEN, where STIR/SHAKEN has been fully adopted, but also where, with smaller providers with older gear, STIR/SHAKEN remains not fully implemented. Percy also tells us about bad actors who try to get around STIR/SHAKEN by posing a legitimate organization and other measures to walk into any gate open, even a jar. In this podcast, we learn what we need to know now to understand what’s happening, what to expect and ideas on what to do now. Percy also places the issue in the larger context of community investment by telcos.



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