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Masergy Cyber Security VP To Mentor Security Leaders at Warsaw Security Forum

November 06, 2017

Experts to share thoughts on cyber terrorism and global security challenges

DALLAS, Nov. 06, 2017 — Masergy, a leading provider of global software defined networkingmanaged security, and cloud communications, announced today that Dave Venable, Vice President of Cyber Security at Masergy, has been invited to speak at the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF) and to serve as a mentor for the Forum’s New Security Leaders program. Venable, also an alumni of the New Security Leaders program, joins the invitation-only group of leading experts in the fields of international cyber security for the third time this year, and will share his perspectives on cyber terrorism and global security challenges.

The Warsaw Security Forum, taking place between November 8th-9th in Warsaw, Poland, is an international association of high-level corporate, government, and independent experts specializing in global security and defense policies. The Forum, whose mission is to enhance the understanding of European and NATO security, has once again invited Venable, a former intelligence professional with the National Security Agency, to share his extensive experience in computer network exploitation, information operations, cryptography, and digital network intelligence.
“Critical national infrastructures, governments, and security agencies are significant targets for cyber attacks, and each of the participating countries in the Warsaw Security Forum understands security issues in a unique way, due to their geopolitical position,” Venable said. “The issues of cyber warfare, collective cyber defense, and cyber crime cannot be tackled alone, so WSF’s spirit of collaboration can help to enhance the understanding of European and NATO security policy as well as answer questions regarding how a state should respond to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and what technical and legal countermeasures can be undertaken.”
The New Security Leaders program is a leadership development program for mid-career, high potential leaders from foreign policy, defense and security fields. The New Security Leaders Program kicks off on November 7th in Warsaw with world leaders, global thinkers, and experts discussing pressing topics including:

  • Countering the Threat of Information Warfare
  • Development of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security Strategies
  • Transatlantic Security

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