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Mavenir: On understanding the AWS Private 5G announcement, and what it means for 5G and the increased roll out of private networks, Podcast

December 22, 2021

Deployments of private networks are on the rise. Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), announced AWS Private 5G, a new managed service that makes it easier for enterprises to set up and scale private 5G mobile networks in their facilities in days instead of months. Bejoy Pankajakshan, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Mavenir, offers his perspective on the AWS Private 5G announcement and the impact on 5G in this podcast. Pankajakshan discusses Mavenir’s own private 5G solutions, as well as Mavenir’s recent announcement with NVIDIA around AI technology for 5G that provides additional open software solutions for private network deployments. Pankajakshan goes on to explore the role of Open RAN, packet-core and more—as well as why Mavenir’s ability to run software on virtually any cloud, supporting “any generation” technology, is so important.



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