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Navia, the first Asturian rural council with all its parishes covered by fiber optics

June 11, 2021
  •  Adamo brings high speed Internet (1,000 MB) to the 8 towns of the municipality: Andés, Anleo, Piñera, Polavieja, Puerto de Vega, Villanueva, Villapedre and Navia.
  • The operator completes the deployment in just 6 months both in subsidized main nuclei and in dispersed areas, allocating its own funds to these.
  • Today the company offers service with its own network in more than 12,000 homes in Asturias and will connect another 43,000 homes in the Principality between 2021 and 2022.

Navia – June 7, 2021 – The naviegos are in luck: their 8 parishes already have fiber optics installed by Adamo . This means that Navia is the first Asturian rural council with all its parishes covered by high-speed Internet. The operator has installed, as it usually does, the fastest signal available on the market today, boosting the previous capacity of 100 MB to the current 1,000.

Adamo, present in the eight towns of Navia

In its philosophy of leaving no one behind, the company manages to break the digital divide suffered by many naviegos . In this way, Andés, Anleo, Piñera, Polavieja, Puerto de Vega, Villanueva, Villapedre and the very town that gives its name to the council -that is, the eight that make up Navia- have this connection speed.

Deployment, in just 6 months

The fiber installation in Navia has been carried out in record time, since the company turned on its infrastructure on December 1 and today it is already completed. This development is not only limited to the main nuclei and areas whose deployment is subsidized by the Administration, but also includes dispersed areas, which Adamo has covered with its own investments.

Municipal support

In this expansive process, the company has had the collaboration of the Navia City Council , which from the first moment facilitated the work of the Adamo technicians. The mayor, Ignacio García Palacios, has supported and punctually followed the deployment of this vitally important facility, above all, to improve Internet access in remote or poorly communicated points.

More than 12,000 Asturian homes, with Adamo

In addition to Navia, after deploying in Coaña, Luarca, Tapia de Casariego and Vegadeo , the company continues with the installation in the Principality of its own network, which makes the difference in terms of power. In total, there are already 12,000 Asturian properties that enjoy the 1,000 MB fiber optic installed by Adamo.

Another 43,000 homes connected in Asturias in two years

This growth is supported, to some extent, by grants from the New Generation Broadband Program (PEBA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, which is co-financed by the European Union (EU) . Altogether, Adamo was awarded 80 million euros to provide fiber optics to nearly 500,000 homes located in 20 provinces. Of this budget, more than 9 million will be allocated to the installation of this infrastructure in Asturias to facilitate communication for 42,831 homes.

Adamo Fiber Optic Advantages

Current times – marked by an unprecedented health emergency – require telecommunications companies to be able to meet the enormous demand that exists for a quality Internet connection. For this, as already mentioned, Adamo offers the fastest fiber optics on the market (1,000 MB) , which translates into being able to telework with a stable connection, maintain videoconferences without interruptions, and be closer to family and friends who live far away. , make remote medical appointments, buy online, have the possibility to access education remotely or watch series or enjoy online video games , among other options.

Adamo Fiberhood

In order precisely to provide high-speed Internet to the most remote areas, the company has an innovative tool: Adamo Fiberhood . Through it, only with the joint request of 30 neighbors through a simple website, it is enough for the company to deploy fiber optics in their municipality. Each town has its own group. In the case of Navia:


Adamo, based in Barcelona, ​​is an operator with a national vocation, but with a regional and local business focus. Present in the Spanish market since 2007, the company gives priority to rural areas and new urban areas with a high population density, providing the fastest optical fiber on the market (1,000 Mbps). EQT Partners, Adamo’s investment fund and majority shareholder, supports its current expansion plan, boosted at the beginning of 2020 with 250 million euros. Likewise, Adamo is the main awardee of the New Generation Broadband Program (PEBA-NGA 2020-2022), funded by the State and the EU, having received 80 million in grants to bring high-speed Internet to nearly 500,000 homes located in rural areas of 20 provinces. Thanks to having 10,000 kilometers of its own network, in addition to the Internet, Adamo provides fixed and mobile telephony customers in 700 municipalities throughout the country, as well as services for the business and wholesale market. 

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