BroadSource EMU platform accelerates the transition to Webex for BroadWorks.

Melbourne, Australia - July 12, 2021 - BroadSource Group Pty Ltd today announced the General Availability (GA) of EMU 5.9. Of special interest, to the BroadSource customer base, is the addition of EMU for Webex. This new technology saves significant time and cost for Global Service Providers who have a pressing need to transition their customers from the ‘End of Life’ BroadWorks Collaboration software to the Cisco Webex for BroadWorks replacement. Speaking at the BroadSource EMU 5.9 product launch, Michael Gliana, BroadSource CTO commented, “It would normally be a significant undertaking for our Global Service Provider customers to take advantage of the latest Webex client application for their BroadWorks platform. We set ourselves the task to remove the impact on their IT and engineering teams and provide a seamless integration between their provisioning systems, their BroadWorks platform and now Cisco’s Control Hub, the place where Webex is managed”. Cisco BroadWorks based Service Providers are currently planning their transition from the ‘End of Life’ BroadWorks Collaboration technology to the new Cisco Webex for BroadWorks service. Two critical decisions need to be made:
  1. How to provision new customers and orchestrate the provisioning of services both on BroadWorks, and now Webex, without an expensive and elongated IT project and;
  2. How to migrate existing customers in a timely and economical way
EMU 5.9 addresses these two critical challenges with real time, secure and scalable integration into BroadWorks and Cisco Control Hub. “The EMU Provision, Audit, Update and Migrate functions are now ‘Webex aware’, allowing Service Providers to deploy or update millions of desktops, smartphones and tablets with the new Webex for BroadWorks service. Some of our customers pre- ordered EMU for Webex in anticipation of the 5.9 release and are achieving great outcomes. We are really happy with the results.” Gliana said. About EMU. Get Them to Cloud. Make Them Use It. EMU is an Extraction, Manipulation and Update (EMU) platform developed by BroadSource, that specialises in the management and integration of Cloud Collaboration platforms.
  • It enables Global Services Providers to ensure they efficiently get customers to Cloud and;
  • Creates Adaptive UC Experiences that make them use the Cloud service
About BroadSource BroadSource is a world leader in software development and engineering for the globe’s most sophisticated Service Providers and Enterprise businesses. BroadSource specialises in the software development, design, build, testing, integration of cloud collaboration and contact centres. The team has its roots in telecommunications and contact centre technology. With offices in Melbourne, London, Seattle, Düsseldorf and Delhi, BroadSource delivers products and services to customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.
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