Mtel reports on success with Enghouse Interactive Cloud Contact Center

Enghouse Interactive logoOne year ago Mtel, a leading Dutch unified communications and contact center provider, deployed Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Service Provider 7.2 (CCSP 7.2), a multi-tenant cloud contact center platform designed specifically for cloud service providers. Having been a long-time Enghouse Interactive partner, Mtel brought CCSP 7.2 to market under its own brand, Online Contact Centre, OCC 7. The highly regarded CCSP platform is known to bring an unmatched level of contact center functionality, scalability, flexibility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), with a strong emphasis on streamlining the agent experience. As a true cloud contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) offering, CCSP 7.2 replaces prohibitive capital expenditures of outdated legacy systems with an operating expense-based pricing model that complements the need for scalability. Now, one year later, Mtel has executed successful deployments for a variety of new customers – particularly in the financial sector – seeking cloud contact center services. Customers are enthusiastic about the new CCSP TouchPoint agent and supervisor interfaces and so are the Mtel engineers. Mtel has created an array of integrated desktop gadgets that extend functionality adding contextual data to the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations and the ability to send text messages during and after a call. The cloud contact center market has also evolved. In recent years, the Dutch market for CCaaS/UCaaS has sustained annual growth rates of approximately 15%. This benchmark was expected as much of the progress comes from replacing on premise systems. There has been, however, a much higher acceptance of such services by larger organizations. The shift from on-premise to cloud requires patience, particularly in larger enterprises, as longer sales cycles and implementations take time. As more and more companies reap the benefits of cloud contact center solutions, prospects value its flexibility and the ease of integration executed by Mtel’s team, who are able leverage the robust interfaces that CCSP has to offer. For Mtel’s customers, the business drivers behind the migration from on premise to the cloud includes the flexibility to roll out a fully multichannel solution at their own pace. They also value the ability to create flexible working conditions for their agents. Prospects are often challenged by the lack of robust reporting tools to analyze contact center performance. Improved reporting is a very important motivator for adopting an “all in one cloud contact center,” that provides the full set of multi-channel interaction routing, universal queue, as well as the reporting they need to evaluate the customers’ experience. Agility-related business accelerators are extremely attractive and address the universal need to adopt new technology more quickly, expand the contact center footprint easily and with little or no capital expense.  These business requisites are behind the opportunity to replace several on-premise systems with one cloud operated system, providing the contact center with a significantly reduced IT burden. With Mtel engaged as a trusted partner customers take advantage of streamlined integrations to business applications like CRM and social media, as well as leverage their contact center best practice expertise. Mtel is quite adept at reading the contact center market and at anticipating customer needs, often before the contact center prospect understands they have a gap in their products or process. One such area where Mtel is a thought leader is in creating a more holistic view of the social customer experience. Many companies still see social media as primarily the domain of the marketing department, who may use standalone applications directed more toward brand management, used by marketing staff who are not used to handling customer communications in real time and on a large scale. Mtel sees the need to connect the contact center into the social interaction process to better serve client contacts. Based on their innovative read of this gap, Mtel brought their views to Enghouse collaborating on product enhancements for better handling of customer contacts from commonly used mobile instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Now Mtel customers can handle client contacts from a range of messaging applications and that contact center agents better service the social customer with appropriate service level measures and customer interaction tracking. The best proof points for a solution are found in “real world” examples from customers. Recently an Mtel OCC customer in Germany was planning a marketing campaign. To support the campaign they forecasted the need to scale up from 2,000 to 8,000 calls per day within 2 weeks across 5 contact center locations. The campaign was such a success they handled not the forecasted 8,000 calls per day but 30,000 calls per day! This proves the power of the cloud as this would have never been possible in the traditional on-premise world. Cloud contact centers allow customers to realize both short term and long term benefits. For short-term success, there are much better insights into contact center costs and operations within the company. And for longer term benefits, the cloud model is well positioned to offer enhancements to personnel efficiency, effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction. An underlying theme in both the short and long term is the contact center’s expanding role within today’s ever-changing corporate environment Nearly every contact center software provider now offers some type of cloud offering. But there is a key distinction between a traditional contact center offering that was built for on-premise deployment then made “cloud ready,” and an application “created for the cloud” – a CCaaS offering. With Online Contact Centre, Mtel meets customer’s needs for an agile, flexible, cost-effective and innovative contact center solution, while achieving their own business objectives of expanding their reach as an innovative and engaged cloud contact center provider.
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