PCCW Global launches on-demand access to leading IX platforms through Console Connect

HKT (SEHK:6823) - HONG KONG - July 21, 2021 - PCCW Global has today launched a new IX-as-a-Service (IXaaS) that makes it easier, faster and more flexible to order, provision and pay for IX services from some of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges (IXs).

Carriers and enterprises can now directly order IX services and pay for their connections to leading IX platforms in real-time and on-demand via the Console Connect digital platform. Console Connect users can experience high-performance remote peering with multiple exchanges across the world, including DE-CIX, LINX, SGIX, KINX, JPNAP, BBIX and thus manage their IX services and connections through a user-friendly web portal.

IXaaS forms part of Console Connect’s new MeetingPlace, where users can meet, buy, and sell within a growing ecosystem of cloud, data center, colocation, SaaS, UCaaS, IX and IoT partners, while making on-demand virtual interconnections between and among applications, services and one another. Through the MeetingPlace’s community of IX providers, Console Connect users can self-provision and pay for both their IX services and virtual connections in a few clicks.

Multiple virtual connections can be provisioned via a single Console Connect Access Port and are delivered across PCCW Global’s leading global network, providing users with real-time connectivity among IX peering partners from 450 plus Console Connect-enabled data centers across over 50 countries. Through the Access Port, Console Connect users can also order metro or international connectivity between data centers, or directly interconnect with major cloud, SaaS and NaaS platforms in each region around the world, including AWSAlibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, Google CloudMicrosoft Azure, RingCentral and more.

Mr. Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, Console Connect, said, “Through our new MeetingPlace, PCCW Global is making it easier for Console Connect users to provision and pay for IX services from some of the world’s largest IX providers using a trusted network. The service includes a dedicated layer 2 interconnection and the cost of the Partner Peering platform, enabling users to seamlessly manage both their IX services and their connectivity, from wherever they are located. IXaaS is a fantastic example of how network automation technology continues to transform traditional network services by making them available on-demand and effortless.”

Remote peering offers a cost effective way for carriers and enterprises to directly access an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), without the need for costly infrastructure at the exchange point and without having to contract separately with each IXP. Through its on-demand and pay-as-you-go model, Console Connect’s IXaaS offers new levels of flexibility and agility with remote peering, enabling users to instantly access multiple IXs with higher bandwidth options through their existing Console Connect Access Port.

Mr. Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International, said, “DE-CIX is pleased to extend our collaboration with Console Connect. DE-CIX was the first Internet Exchange to join the Console Connect ecosystem back in 2019, and since then network automation has demonstrated huge value to our customers. Whilst business value chains get increasingly digitized, we see a growing demand for easy to order and provision high quality, fast, and secure interconnection services worldwide.”

Mr. Jeff Chan, Managing Director of SGIX, said, “We are excited to team up with Console Connect to enable more companies to remotely peer at SGIX with new levels of flexibility and speed. This collaboration enables us to expand our peering coverage globally, making it easier for companies to connect to our peering platform from anywhere in the world. It also allows companies to manage and monitor their global connectivity through a single, easy-to-use platform.”

About PCCW Global PCCW Global is a leading international communications service provider, offering the latest mobility, voice and data solutions to multinational enterprises, telecommunications partners, cloud and application service providers. With a network footprint reaching over 3,000 cities in 160+ countries across 5 continents, our truly global coverage combined with local on-the-ground knowledge has helped us build best-in-class global connections linking Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Our network supports a portfolio of integrated communications services including connectivity, applications, and tailored solutions integrated and orchestrated by the Console Connect on-demand digital Software-Defined Interconnection ® platform, one of the first global platforms to fully automate switching and routing of all communications for seamless interconnection. To learn more about PCCW Global, please visit About Console Connect Console Connect by PCCW Global is an easy-to-use platform for the Software Defined Interconnection® of businesses, applications and infrastructure. It allows users to self- provision private, high-performance connections between a global ecosystem of enterprise, carrier, cloud, SaaS, IoT, UCaaS, Security-as-a-Service, IX and other Network- as-a-Service partners. Console Connect is the only digital platform that is underpinned by one of the world’s largest private MPLS networks and a Tier 1 global IP network that is ranked in the top 10 for IPv4 and IPv6 peering, delivering higher levels of network performance, speed and security to meet the digital needs of today’s interconnected businesses. Accessible from 450+ data centers in 50+ countries worldwide, the platform is integrated with all major hyperscale cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more. Through the Console Connect portal or via its API, users can find, purchase and access a broad range of home-grown and third party software solutions. Visit for more information.
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