Peerless Network Adds SD-WAN (SASE) to Product Portfolio

SD-WAN (SASE) is company’s first data services offering designed to meet the unique needs of Enterprise customers CHICAGO, IL - June 22, 2021 - Peerless Network, a leading-edge global communications provider since 2008, today announced it is launching SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network. The cloud-based next-generation Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service builds on traditional SD-WAN capabilities, and provides Enterprise customers of all sizes with a simple, secure, high-performing, and very cost-effective way to connect their sites. SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network, a CPE-based solution, includes the following features:
  • Broadband, connectivity, and/or Peerless-provided Ethernet transport
  • Available speeds for each SASE node: 10, 20, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Mbps
  • Private networking
  • Ability to monitor and prioritize traffic
  • Built-in diversity and redundancy
  • Robust reporting
A key differentiator for this product is that customers have the ability to manage their SD-WAN network via the Peerless Portal. Peerless customers that have Cloud PBX (UCaaS) and SIP services already understand the value of managing their services and phone numbers in real-time. With the introduction of SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless, customers will have the same access, ease-of-use, and control they have always enjoyed with the Peerless Portal. “With over 14 years of experience in delivering IP-based voice services, adding this data offering is the next step in providing a broader suite of reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective services to the marketplace. Our SD-WAN (SASE) offering has been designed from the ground up to make the implementation of cloud-based networking smooth and easy,” said  Rick Knight, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Peerless Network. “Peerless is proud to have a rich history of disrupting the market, and SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless is another example of our keen focus on responding to the needs of our customers.” “We are excited to be able to extend our enterprise product portfolio to include SD-WAN (SASE), allowing enterprise customers to turn to Peerless for all of their voice and data needs.  Customers can now rely on Peerless as a trusted partner for more of their communications needs, while managing all of their voice and data services via the award-winning Peerless Portal”, said Jim Brewer, SVP Emerging Businesses. SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless utilizes network software from  128 Technology, a recognized leader in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) and edge capabilities. Late last year, Juniper acquired 128 Technology. In addition to SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless, the company offers Cloud PBX (UCaaS), SIP Trunking, Messaging, APIs, MS Teams Direct Routing, and other collaboration products and services. A longtime and successful provider of carrier services since the company’s inception, Peerless began offering its communications services to enterprise customers in 2019. With its own nationwide fully IP voice network, Peerless is trusted by enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, world-leading MVNOs and IXCs, and the nation’s largest CLECs. Because of the company’s unprecedented growth, Peerless is expanding strategically while providing customized, scalable, and high-quality communications solutions that give businesses better quality, rates, and control. To learn more about SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless as well as Peerless’ full suite of high-quality business voice solutions, please visit or contact the Peerless Network sales team at About Peerless Network Peerless Network is a leading-edge provider of telecommunications services that delivers the highest quality voice solutions for VoIP and enterprise customers worldwide. As a disruptor in the telecom industry, Peerless Network is a reliable network that scales efficiencies, lowers customer costs, increases quality, and automates workflows with ease of implementation via our portfolio of cutting-edge products and services. Our automated platforms, the Cloud PBX, the Peerless Portal and ANImate, allow customers to easily provision SIP trunking channels, telephone numbers, local service, domestic/international long-distance, SD-WAN (SASE), and toll-free services from one advanced system. Peerless is dedicated to driving innovation and bringing value to customers by expanding our suite of products, services and markets we serve. Peerless Network is headquartered in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit
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