Votacall VM 2 Text Now Available for Hosted VoIP and Cloud-Based Unified Communications Customers

The Votacall VM 2 Text App Keeps Customer Connected and Communicating With "Any Scenario" Access to Voicemail
BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 7, 2015) - Votacall announced today the newest addition to their Unified Communications product suite, the Votacall VM 2 Text app. Votacall describes their VM 2 Text app's functionality as "Any Scenario" voice messaging access making staying connected with colleagues and clients a simple process. The VM 2 Text App transcribes audio voice messages, send the text to the destination(s) of your choice. Send the transcribed message to a mobile phone, tablet or email address. Pick the one that works for you. If you cannot choose one, choose a combo or all of the delivery methods at no additional cost. When traveling, the Votacall VM 2 Text app will make staying connected just a click away, literally. Each VM 2 Text message that you receive includes the Caller ID information as a "Hot Link" for Click-to-Dial functionality eliminating the need to write down or memorize a phone number left in your voicemail. A user can simply and efficiently manage their voicemails by reading, clicking and connecting. Votacall believes that the functionality of their VM 2 Text app will be a UC experience game-changer for their client base. In an effort to get their current and prospective clients exposure to the app, Votacall is offering a 30 day free trial to end-users who want to experience the functionality when integrated into their daily work routines . "We are really excited about the addition of VM 2 Text app to the Votacall UC product suite," said Andy DeAngelis, Chief Operating Officer, Votacall. "Based on our years of experience designing and deploying Hosted VoIP and Cloud-based UC solutions, we have found that determining factor behind the successful adoption of any UC feature is the user experience which must be equal parts functionality and simplicity. If a product or service lacks in either of those areas, the actual adoption rate will suffer dramatically. As an avid user myself, I can say with great confidence that we have designed an app and offer that hits on both marks. I know this to be true because now that I have used the app, I could never go back to the old way of managing my voice messages." For more information on the Votacall VM 2 Text App including product collateral or to inquire about a 30 Day Free Trial please visit, http://info.votacall.com/voice-2-text
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