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Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Delivers CX, Podcast

December 06, 2021

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams delivers PSTN voice access to Teams users to deliver an enhanced customer experience. In addition, Operator Connect improves integration between networks streamlining provisioning and management of users and enhanced support models that will augment the quality of service.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CallTower has been voice enabling Microsoft 365 solutions for years. With the addition of Operator Connect, CallTower is in a unique position in the marketplace with three Teams voice enablement solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency for customers: Direct Routing and Operator Connect for Teams, and within Microsoft 365 GCC High.

William Rubio, Chief Revenue Officer for CallTower says, “With us (CallTower), we are native.” Rubio points out that CallTower is only one of ten companies to be chosen as a core provider to Teams. When customers make changes in Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, and with CallTower, they are making those changes at a level not available from many other sources. Rubio explains that with CallTower’s Teams offering, users gain more control, speed as well as a more straightforward approach. Rubio makes the case that leveraging CallTower’s approach to Teams simply is a stronger path than direct routing.



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