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PanTerra Networks Fully Managed SentraCloud Service Designed to Increase Partner’s Business Reach

March 28, 2012
PanTerra Networks Fully Managed SentraCloud Service Designed to Increase Partner’s Business Reach

Fully managed cloud services offering enables SentraCloud partners to instantly extend sales reach nationally
SUNNYVALE, CA, March 27, 2012 — PanTerra Networks (, the leading provider of Unified Cloud IT Service solutions for business enterprises, announced today it has added SentraCloud to its partner offerings. SentraCloud previously sold direct now allows partners to deliver a fully managed cloud IT service offering for enterprises of all sizes, delivering business class unified communications, storage and mobility from the cloud. With SentraCloud, partners can offer a turnkey outsourced IT solution to customers that includes:
·         WorldSmart®, its award winning fully managed unified communications, storage and mobility cloud service complete with business voice, mobility, collaboration, instant messaging, digital fax, call center, presence, storage and more. WorldSmart is delivered 100% from the cloud through an optimized SmartBand IP connection and uses a standard browser and SIP compatible phones.
·         SmartBandSM, a fully managed and guaranteed quality of service (QoS) bandwidth circuit with coverage for over 234 metro markets and 20M+ enterprises. SmartBand supports a number of connection technologies and speed offerings including DSL, T1 and Ethernet over Copper all with traffic prioritization from the cloud ensuring QoS and reliability.
·         SmartCPESM, managed on-premises equipment including routers, switches and phones with premium installation, training and monitoring, eliminating the hassles and cost of managing on-premises equipment. SmartCPE equipment is also backed by a no-hassle warranty and free replacement policy.
·         TotalCareSM, SentraCloud’s complete customer satisfaction and quality assurance program with 24/7 customer care and our commitment to keep your enterprise running reliably and at peak efficiency.
SentraCloud’s fully managed cloud solution means partners can instantly present a national presence, accommodate multi-location enterprises more easily, and  install, provision and train at a much lower expense.
“Partners will be able to leverage SentraCloud to penetrate large multi-location opportunities more easily without incurring staff travel or third party contracting costs. SentraCloud is a great alternative to help partners grow business outside of their local area with a complete turnkey offering. PanTerra’s incredibly lucrative partner programs make this a great program for partners of all types,” said Arthur Chang, CEO and President.  “We have seen an increased demand from current customers and new prospects for a  completely managed cloud solution including bandwidth and on-premises equipment,”
Jeff Ferrio, Owner of MSMI, a PanTerra SentraCloud channel partner said, “I was in a bind with a client who had a low quality circuit, but didn’t have the resources to respond to the customers short schedule. With SentraCloud, PanTerra coordinated the whole installation and in less than 30 days, and had the new SmartBand circuit installed and up and running. I spent less time and ended up with a happy customer, while servicing my other commitments.”
PanTerra sales and marketing staff are meeting with new partner prospects at Channel Partners in Las Vegas this week discussing SentraCloud, WorldSmart and wholesale opportunities.
About PanTerra Networks
PanTerra Networks, Inc. is the premier service provider of unified cloud IT services with WorldSmart.  WorldSmart unified cloud IT services including unified communications, storage and mobility services which are delivered as either a fully managed service called SentraCloud, or a self-managed solution that can be managed by an enterprise or a third party partner.  WorldSmart represents a new era in unified IT services from the cloud.  By unifying the most critical IT services into a single cloud deployed service, WorldSmart significantly reduces capital equipment expense and associated obsolescence, reduces ongoing operating expenses, increases productivity and competitiveness, and creates an elastic and futureproof infrastructure ideally suited for today’s dynamic business environment.  With WorldSmart, enterprises can focus all their resources on their core competencies and not their IT infrastructure.
PanTerra Networks is privately held and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with Research and Development based in Hyderabad, India.  For more information, please visit http://www.panterranetworks.comor call us at +1 800.805.0558 or email us at
About SentraCloud
SentraCloud is PanTerra Networks’ fully managed unified cloud IT service offering that delivers managed WorldSmart services including unified communications, storage and mobility services from the cloud.  In addition to managed WorldSmart services, SentraCloud also includes SmartBand, its high performance, guaranteed quality of service (QoS), high reliable bandwidth product that is fully installed, managed and monitored by PanTerra.  PanTerra also professionally installs and manages all end user on-premises equipment (SmartCPE) necessary to utilize its services.  By providing an end-to-end completely managed solution for enterprises, SentraCloud represents a new era in unified cloud IT services.  With SentraCloud, enterprises will be able to leverage a more flexible and futureproof infrastructure while being able to focus all their resources on core business competencies, streamlining costs and ultimately creating an IT infrastructure that makes them more competitive.

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