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Podcast: A 2014 prediction hits home in 2020, as Poly’s Director of UC Strategy and Research looks beyond a year of upheaval

November 24, 2020

The David Danto 2021 Predictions

2020 threw us all a collective curveball. And while some organizations were able to quickly operationalize a remote work system and provide tools for their employees who are able to work remotely, there is still much to be done to ensure a smooth business continuity for most. For organizations like Poly (NYSE: PLT), who have led the industry in audio and video and cloud collaboration for years, they innately understand the role that the right headsets, video devices and cloud agnostic tools have on producing the best work, from anywhere. Today, I speak with David Danto, Director of UC Strategy & Research at Poly, who walks me through his predictions for 2021, including how the UC game is finally catching up to its wide-scale potential. He also discusses the domino effect that we’ll continue to see in terms of what the traditional “office” footprint is going to look like, the impact on real estate and development, what long-term investments companies should be making when it comes to their technologies and working environments, and what he thinks about what some call, “the death of the phone”. We also discuss the implications of 5G and what enterprise managers need to know in order to expertly manage remote systems and tools from afar, as well as take a peek into the past as David eerily harkens back to a blog he wrote in 2014 about what organizations should do in the case of a pandemic-related shut down.


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