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Podcast: Alianza Launches Business Text Messaging for Service Providers

February 11, 2021

Recently, Alianza, Inc., a leading cloud communications platform for service providers, announced that its Business Text Messaging product is now available. The cloud-based texting solution is purpose-built for communication service providers (CSPs), enabling them to grow commercial revenue, stand out from the competition, and deliver a compelling new communication service to their small and medium business (SMB) customers. In this podcast Justin Cooper, Customer Success & Product at Alianza, discusses BTM as an opportunity for the service providers and an immediate need for many of their customers. “We think this is a nice easy sell for the service providers,” says Cooper. “We see this is a nice add on,” continues Cooper who sees BTM as a value add, and also a “wedge”, permitting Alianza’s partners to offer something unique. Cooper also discusses various uses, including customer communication, outreach, notification and more. The solution is managed from an intuitive web portal where businesses can have two-way conversations with their customers. Supporting multiple users and features including automated keyword responses, scheduled responses, contact management, and outbound marketing campaigns, SMBs can leverage their phone number for multiple inbound and outbound communications.



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